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Academy of Tourism, Antalya

Academy of Tourism, Antalya


About Academy of Tourism in Antalya

Tourism Academy is licensed by the Ministry of Education of  Turkey, and is accredited by the Educational Institute of the Association of Hotels USA (EI-AH & LA). The training system is based on the educational programs of EI-AHLA, BKF and combines the best of tradition and rich experience in international education in this direction. Particular attention is paid to the study of foreign languages. Higher education (Bachelor's degree) is based on the programs of the European Institute of Public Relations, Business and Humanities.


  • Hotel Management
  • Food Service Management
  • Economy

Advantages of the Academy of Tourism in Antalya:

  • Education Programs Educational Institute of the American Association of Hotels
  • Education on the basis of 9 and 11 classes in Russian and English languages
  • Graduate degree in three years (on the basis of 9 classes - just 4 years)
  • Each student has the opportunity to receive three specialties - "Hotel Management", "Management of Public Power," "The economy in tourism and catering"
  • Three diploma for the entire period of study: Diploma of the Turkish Republic, the American Diploma and Diploma of the European Union
  • Passage of paid internships and employment of the best hotels in Antalya coast
  • Training opportunities and job placement abroad (Canada, USA, China, Australia), as well as in Turkey
  • Academy of Tourism in Antalya is a certified center for receiving English as a second or foreign language TOEFL
  • Academy of Tourism in Antalya is an associate member of UNWTO (World Tourism Organization to the United Nations)
  • Quality training
  • In-depth study of foreign languages ??(English, Turkish, German)
  • International environment
  • Admission without examinations
  • A practical approach to learning

Receipt order

Admission to the Academy of Tourism in Antalya conducted on the basis of 9 and 11 classes. Academy of Tourism in Antalya developed a flexible system of tuition, depending on the options available. Applicants may be enrolled in the Academy of Tourism without entrance examinations. Details about admission are published on the official website of the Academy.

The results of the exam, the UNT, ZNU and other national exams for admission is not required.

Reception of documents is carried out twice a year (in full-time office until 25 August and until December 25, for distance learning - before 15 October and before February 1). Filing is done by e-mail the Admissions Committee: info @antcol. Com or fax 90  242  323  14  62. Original documents are available at the Admissions Office upon arrival at the training.

Graduates receive:

  • Diploma of the Turkish Republic
  • Diploma of the Institute of Educational Association of Hotels USA (EI-AH & LA)
  • Bachelor European sample

Career opportunities for graduates of the Academy of Tourism in Antalya:

Today, the hospitality industry and tourism - the second most popular employer in the world after the state structures. Academy graduates can work:

  • in the administrative structures of tourism management from the municipal to the federal level,
  • economic departments of organizations and enterprises 
  • restaurants and catering,
  • in the tour operator and travel agent organizations
  • the organization of exhibitions and fairs
  • The tour desk,
  • fitness centers,
  • shopping malls,
  • entertainment complexes, etc.
  • in the event-agencies
  • bookings

Course Offered

Management of hospitality and tourism
Graphic Era