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CTL Euro College

CTL Euro College


About CTL Euro College

Ctl Eurocollege has been in operation in the Higher Education Sector for over 22 years, providing educational services to both local and international students, who choose Cyprus as a base for their professional and academic development.
As a registered and officially accredited institution, Ctl Eurocollege offers a variety of programmes in numerous areas at Certificate, Diploma, Graduate, and Postgraduate levels. The quality of its educational services is held in high regard by both local and international authorities.
All of our programmes are rigorously evaluated for quality on a regular basis so that they meet the students’ educational needs and enable them to deal with the challenges of contemporary education. These programmes are delivered by experienced professionals who use a variety of techniques to advance and enhance the quality of the modules offered to students.
In addition to this, programmes are continually assessed by our academic staff in order to adjust them to changes that take place in related industries and to keep up with trends in their fields of study. Every effort is also made to promote links with other educational and cultural institutions as well as other professionals from related industries. Finally, our college recognizes the importance of identifying and encouraging students’ potentials and rewards those who excel during their studies with generous grants and scholarships.

Course Offered

  • Business
  • A) Business Administration, 1 Year, MBA
  • B) Business Administration, 2 Years
  • C) E-Business, 2 Years, Diploma
  • D) Marketing & Public Relations, 2 Years, Diploma
  • E) Business Administration, 4 Years, Bachelor of Arts
  • Hospitality & tourism
  • A) Travel & Tourism Management, 2 Years, Diploma
  • B) Hotel Administration, 2 Years, Diploma
  • C) Hospitality Management, 4 Years Bachelor of Arts
  • Computing
  • A) Computer Studies, 2 Years, Diploma
  • B) Web Design for Business 2 Years, Diploma
  • C) Computer Science, 4 Years, Bachelor of Science
  • Office administration
  • A) Office Administration, 2 Years, Diploma
  • Law
  • A) Law, 2 Years, Diploma
  • Professional
  • A) Professional Banking, 3 Years, Higher Diploma
  • B) Professional Marketing, 2 Years, Diploma
  • C) Professional Accounting, 2 Years, Diploma
  • D) Professional Accounting, 4 Years, Diploma
  • E) Certified Accounting
  • F) Management Accounting
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