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Royal Business College

Royal Business College

About Royal Business College:

Our range of course offerings is one of the most comprehensive in New Zealand and is constantly reviewed and updated to ensure relevance in today’s international workplace. Importantly we also assist our students set career goals that are relevant to them and where they want to go in life.

Our mission is to exist for our students, teaching and guiding them towards a meaningful educated and balanced future life in an international environment. This student–centered focus and our target of excellence has been the key to our success, reflected in the academic achievements of our past and present students.

Our lecturers are of the highest caliber, with many of them being masters qualified. They take a very personal interest in seeing their students succeed, and are available for personal tuition to assist students through difficult phases of study where necessary. Our class sizes are small, meaning no student is left behind. We have an extremely high graduation rate of 95%, virtually unmatched in the industry. Our students are prepared for success the moment they start their study pathway with us and our graduating figures prove this.

Course Offered

  • Business Courses
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • List_DipMl7
  • RBC Diploma in Entrepreneurship
  • National Diploma in Business
  • National Diploma in Business
  • Computing Courses
  • RBC Diploma in Information Technology
  • RBC Diploma in Computing
  • National Diploma in Computing
  • Horticulture Courses
  • RBC Diploma in Horticulture
  • Tourism Courses
  • National Diploma in Tourism Management
  • National Certificate in Adventure Tourism
  • National Certificate in Adventure Tourism
  • Language Courses
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