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St. John International University

St. John International University

St. John International University, Inc. (SJIU) is a private, independent American University in Italy offering undergraduate and graduate degrees.

SJIU has its main, administrative office in Concord, New Hampshire while its physical campus is located in Torino, Italy.

SJIU is registered as a company in New Hampshire and a copy of the company’s Articles of Incorporation are on file in the office of the President. These articles are available for review upon request during normal working hours.

With nearly 30 years of experience as educational pioneers, the founders of St. John International University have discovered that environmental problems are generally viewed from a scientific standpoint.

This, however, overlooks the relationship between the environment and aspects of human culture such as cultural traditions, artistic creation, architecture, music, literature and history. Starting with a vision which views human culture as an integral part of the environment, SJIU has organized all of its courses in an attempt to address this variegated problem in a didactic manner.

All of SJIU’s courses are inspired by a philosophy of integral ecology, which can be seen as an educational instrument capable of instructing citizens of the future, through the transmission of solid principles on environmental ethics.   

The mission of St. John International University is to offer liberal arts educational programs of the highest quality to a globally diverse student population. Through its undergraduate and graduate programs in the American tradition, St. John International University’s objectives include promoting humanism, fostering respect for the fundamental rights of the individual, emphasizing research, and instilling awareness of one’s physical and cultural surroundings. By integrating these objectives, graduates will gain environmental and cultural awareness which will prepare them to share with other members of society the responsibility that each of us has towards our natural and social worlds.

In accordance with its mission, SJIU’s goals are to:

Be recognized on an international level as a liberal arts postsecondary institution;

Be recognized for its academic excellence, reflected in its students and the services offered by its faculty;

Produce graduates who will be integrated successfully into the international community and who will aspire to become professionals at the highest level and inspire their colleagues towards excellence;

Provide a campus which will be sensitive towards different ethnicities and different cultural backgrounds;

Supply a wide range of activities which will reflect students’ personal talents and preferences;

Develop courses, seminars, and other programs which will encourage students to embrace the challenges of a more global future, with particular emphasis on environmental issues;

Foster a multicultural environment that welcomes learning and instruction, emphasizing tolerance, understanding, and the fundamental role of scientific research.

St. John International University is an institution dedicated to the study of the environment. Its mission is to promote a sustainable culture by emphasizing that sustainability is a moral imperative and a profitable field of activity. Every course, research initiative, and scholarly symposia approaches this objective through the specific lens provided by the given discipline.

“Sustainable Development” is the cornerstone of our University’s environmental mission. At SJIU, we firmly believe that “developing” countries must be provided with positive models that do not hinder opportunities for collective survival.

However, SJIU believes that “developing countries” should not be asked to suffer the economic and developmental losses that the developed western world is not willing to endure. Only by promoting the knowledge that “sustainability” is economically and morally profitable can we hope to avert catastrophe on a planetary scale.

This approach can be summarized in the “Triple Bottom Line” Theory (Elkington, 1994).

If our planet is to have a future, it will be in the framing of appropriate models of sustainable production and consumption. SJIU has started various University-wide projects regarding these research areas, including a broad range of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities to work in the fields of sustainability and environmental studies. In the future, we believe that many career and business opportunities will be connected to sustainable development. Policymakers, managers, politicians and businessmen will have to face environmental issues and therefore graduates of SJIU will be prepared to face these challenges efficiently and effectively.   

Course Offered

  • B.S. Environmental Studies
  • B.A. Art History
  • B.A. Film Studies
  • B.A. Business Administration
  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Masters in Architecture (MArch)
  • Master of Arts in International Arts Administration (MIAA)
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